IT Services

Mozy Pro Authorized Reseller
Whether you need a reliable backup solution, assistance recovering a deleted file, or a design for your new network, we can help. With years of IT experience on staff from both small companies and large corporations, such as EDS (now HP), we've pretty much seen it all. And we're not just good with computer equipment; we're good with people too. Crazy, we know. Our staff is responsive, focused and honest. We won't try to sell you something you don't need, but we will tell you when we think you're making a mistake. And as a company, we're easy to work with. You don't need to sign a long-term contract or pay anything up front. Whether you want short-term IT coverage, assistance with a one-time project or you want an experienced staff to handle all your IT needs, we're here for you. When it comes to IT, we do just about everything, including selling software and hardware at very competitive prices. Sound too good to be true? Maybe it's time to reevaluate your current IT provider.
Bookkeeping & QuickBooks ProAdvisor Services

Intuit Certified Pro QuickBooks Advisor
Bookkeeping (and its derivitives) may be unique in that it's the only word in the English language with three consecutive double-letters, but it's not unique in its ability to cause headaches for small businesses. Many small business owners try to take on the bookkeeping chores themselves only to find that invoicing customers and tracking orders quickly becomes overwhelming. Most entrepreneurs start small businesses because they're good at something, and rarely is that something bookkeeping. You may be great at your trade, but if you're failing to bill your clients in a timely manner or follow up on past-due invoices, then all your hard work literally won't pay off. That's where we come in. Green Leaf Professional Services can help you with the day-in, day-out details crucial to running a business. Whether you need someone to come into your office once or twice a month or someone to handle your bookkeeping needs on a daily basis, we can help. Our staff is very flexible and can assist on-site or remotely. As a certified Quickbooks Pro Adviser, we can provide training and support on QuickBooks or set up a QuickBooks account for your business and maintain it. We can help you track your inventory and orders, keep records of your billable time, invoice your clients and follow up on unpaid bills. Let us help you focus on what your business does best.
Payroll Services

Affordable Payroll Services
Are big-company payroll fees eating up your payroll? Maybe it's time for a new provider. At Green Leaf, we don't just see dollar signs when it comes to payroll processing. We offer all-inclusive plans, so you always know what your costs will be each month. And you'll get the personalized service you deserve. Our Payroll Specialists won't let you miss a paycheck and will make the whole process a breeze. Health insurance deductions? Vacation day tracking? IRA management? We've got you covered. Check out our Payroll Calculator to see how you can start saving!
Application Development

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
Need a customized Windows application? Or perhaps a database-driven web site? We can help. With Microsoft .NET certified staff, we can gather your requirements and then design and build the application you want. Our developers have done work for Xerox, Harris, Paychex, Thomson-Reuters, and the State of New York, to drop some names. They follow best practices when developing and keep up with the latest programming practices. Not exactly sure what you need? Let us sit down with you and help you figure it out. Together we can find a solution that fits both your needs and your budget.